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2015 is turning out to be an epic year for Jordan Brand, considering all the major plans they had for their retro Jordan releases 2015. That also means that this is going to be a grand and monumental year for O.G. 23isback sneakerheads as well. It was back in June 2014 when Jordan Brand revealed that they would be remastering Air Jordan retros in 2015, considering cheap jordan shoes free shipping that it is the brand’s 30th Anniversary this year.

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The message that Jordan Brand intended to convey was that they would be producing and bringing back Air Jordan colorways from the past that would not only look exactly like the original predecessors, but also would also feature the same construction, materials and specifications cheap jordans paypal. 23 is back jordanheads may not have been present at the official Jordan Brand event in New York City where the remastered collection was first unveiled.


However, the mix of original iterations and all-new colorways has long been previewed to a worldwide audience now. Jordan Brand has taken all of these iconic signature sneakers back to their roots, elevating their quality to the way it was in the past with the use of the same premium materials from back cheap air jordan shoes free shipping then. This means that those premium materials have been used to construct one-piece uppers for the pairs so that they are nearly exact replicas of their OG counterparts down to the tiniest details, such as the Jumpman's fingers.

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